Crawl Space Repair in Winter Haven

Your Winter Haven home’s value will be damaged if you have foundation problems, and your safety can be endangered. We can handle your foundation repair needs with our team of in-house structural engineers and foundation repair experts. You will be able to take care of your foundation in a timely fashion as we provide you with superior service. Here at Winter Haven Foundation Repair, we offer a wide variety of top-notch foundation repair services to ensure that your foundation won’t become a deterrent to your home.

At Winter Haven Foundation Repair, we are both crawl space waterproofing experts on the inside and outside. Installing exterior waterproofing involves excavating the dirt around the perimeter of the crawl space walls, applying a moisture barrier to the crawl space, and finally installing a dimple board to keep water away from your crawl space wall. For those who would prefer to not have the service performed inside their homes, this would be a viable option. See what our experts can do for you by contacting us today.

How We Can Help!

Our company is fully licensed, bonded, and insured for foundation repair service in Winter Haven, Florida. We offer a variety of different services, which include:

● Crawl Space Waterproofing
● Crawl Space Encapsulation
● Crawl Space Strengthening
● And More Crawl Space Repair Services!

Don’t hesitate to contact us for your free estimate on our crawl space repair services.

Crawl Space Waterproofing

We provide effective solutions to keep moisture out of your crawl space when you turn to Winter Haven Foundation Repair for waterproofing. Encapsulating your crawl space enables us to resolve moisture problems on all fronts, giving you lasting, top-quality results. In order to protect your crawl space from heat and moisture, we create a vapor barrier that provides long-lasting protection. Our assistance will bring an end to crawl space moisture issues as quickly as possible.

Crawl Space Encapsulation

In its simplest form, crawlspace encapsulation involves a polyethylene barrier covering all the surfaces of the crawlspace. This includes the walls, support pillars, the floor, and the floor joists above. Plastic is held together with sealing tape at all joints between sheets so that the barrier is watertight both internally and externally.

Crawl Space Strengthening

Crawl space repair is what we do! A crawl space strengthening solution tailored to meet your needs will be designed in collaboration with you. Custom-designed crawl space strengthening solutions are available at crawl space strengthening specialists. We will work to get you the best crawl space strengthening solution possible, no matter what your need – a wet crawl space, sagging floors, a timber rot problem, a mold problem, or a moisture problem.

Our crawl space repair services are totally free of charge when you give us a call at 863-591-0509. During our visit to your property, our contractors will discuss your options for crawl space repair, as well as drainage services & repair. Our team of professionals will gladly assist you, so contact us today to find out more about our services.