Winter Haven Foundation Repair Services

Our company is specialized in repairing foundations in Winter Haven. We’ll make sure your biggest investment, your home, is protected with our dedicated and experienced professionals. For residential and commercial foundation maintenance and repair, we offer all types of foundation repair services. The Winter Haven Foundation Repair Company is known for its quality work, precision, and affordable prices.

Winter Haven residents are most likely to use a concrete slab foundation for their foundation. It’s important to know you can rely on quality foundation and pier beam experts when you need them. You will find the expertise you require regardless of the treatment you require for your home or business when you call into the offices of Winter Haven Foundation Repair, ensuring that you are provided with a solid concrete footing that will last for years to come. Winter Haven Foundation Repair can provide you with all the foundation repair services you need in Winter Haven. In the years since our company began, we have established an outstanding reputation, and we aim to maintain it.

How We Can Help!

In Winter Haven, Florida, we are a full-service, licensed, bonded, and insured contractor for foundation repair. There are many services we offer, such as:

● Cracked Slab
● Settling Problems
● Repair Methods
● And More Foundation Repair Services!

We offer a wide variety of foundation repair services at Winter Haven Foundation Repair. We have been providing these services for many years to clients in the Winter Haven area and have earned a reputation as the region’s leading foundation repair specialist. Call us today for a free estimate on any of our services if you are in need of foundation repair.

Cracked Slab

Cracks in a concrete slab can cause damage to the foundation. Foundation problems such as these are common in the Winter Haven, Florida area, and often require foundation repair. Foundation damage is frequently caused by cracks in slabs. Cracks on concrete slab foundations are usually indicative of foundation issues, which can get larger with time. You should call Winter Haven Foundation Repair as soon as you notice cracks that are getting bigger all the time.

Settling Problems

Settlement means your house “sinks” into the ground as it combines with the surrounding ground. Although settling is not a major problem, too much of it should raise some red flags. Your home’s foundation will settle if the soil shifts and moves. It is, therefore, crucial to conduct soil testing in order to discover the type of soil underneath your home.

Repair Methods

You can get your concrete back to its original level using a number of repair methods from Winter Haven Foundation Repair, including polyjacking. Concrete repair methods such as this one involve drilling small holes in the damaged concrete. The polyurethane foam is injected into all the holes beneath the concrete to fill them with solid material. You will then be able to level your concrete.

Our foundation repair experts can provide you with a free service quote on all foundation repair, as well as crawl space repair services. Our foundation repair contractors will visit your home to discuss your foundation repair options. Our service team is ready to help with any questions or concerns you may have, so call us at 863-591-0509.